Job Description

WEC helps the national church to run a 2-year Government-recognised basic training course which gives Gambian students a good grounding in nursing. The course raises the standard of overall health care provided by Sibanor Health Clinic to the surrounding area. You will organise the course, teach, provide students with pastoral support, coordinate other teachers‘ involvement and help to recruit students. Develop local language skills and contribute to the longterm strategy of the medical work of the national church. Disciple Christian students, through Bible study alongside their medical studies.


Registered nurse with 5 years‘ clinical experience, and some experience of teaching and organising training. A teaching qualification is not essential. Flexibility and a willingness to try new things is essential. Shared accommodation available.

Time commitment

Mininum 3 years

Tasks: Education Medical
Continent: Africa
Country: Gambia
Category: longterm

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