Job Description

Teach English to willing learners, learn a new language and live in an international, cross-cultural community. You will teach English classes for up to 15 adults per class, for 10 weeks at a time. These classes create the opportunity to build friendships in a safe environment. (Students are mostly Muslim men.) You will be responsible for preparing and teaching lessons, marking homework and overseeing a final exam. Become an integral part of the team, with the goal of planting a mature, expanding church among the Eastern peoples of Chad.


A good command of the English language is essential. Teaching experience of any kind is helpful, but not required. Knowing some French is an advantage but not essential, and you will have the chance to learn Chadian Arabic. For workers coming long term we require a good level of French before arrival.

Time commitment

Mininum 2 years

Tasks: Education
Continent: Africa
Country: Chad
Category: longterm

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