Job Description

Supervise our Overseas Mission Experience program at WEC Canada’s Headquarters in Hamilton. The program is designed to help our missionaries who need to improve their English. Classroom ESL teaching is combined with mentoring, ministry and evangelism opportunities in the community. Supervise all aspects of the course, and do some teaching. Correspond with course applicants, and order curricula materials. Process application paperwork and assess their language level before they arrive. Prepare visa applications, and arrange airport connections. Determine the program schedule and content, and adjust it to students‘ needs.


Qualification You are a gifted administrator, and enjoy organizing training courses. You have plenty of experience in teaching ESL, and you have also had some cross-cultural missions experience, ideally with WEC already. You have a passion to encourage those who have a missionary calling to serve overseas.

Time commitment

Mininum 2 years

Tasks: Education
Continent: America
Country: Canada
Category: longterm

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