Job Description

Beugen is a small, almost sleepy village near the German border. The area is remote and on the Meuse river. Big and historical towns such as Arnheim and Nijmegen are easily reached too.

Project: The Missionary Training College (MTC) Cornerstone is an international, English-speaking Bible School with around 42 students (average age is 30, many with families). They study and live on the campus and have the aim of preparing themselves for international mission.

Tasks: Voluntary helpers will work predominantly in the caretaker and craftsmanship domain. There are three big buildings, which are part of the former monastery, with around 130 rooms.
The maintenance and renovation team is responsible for following tasks: painting, plumbing, electrics, scaffolding. Gardening and kitchen work also are part of the tasks. Also, there is the opportunity to help with transportation or tasks in the library (logging the book loans and returns, ensuring payments are received, binding and coding books).
All volunteers work in teams in order to do all the daily tasks and the relevant tasks that may spontaneously arise in the house and garden!

Other activities:
– Devotion and prayer time
– Hearing reports from missionaries
– Regular meetings with mentors
– Integrating in the local churches
– English language course is possible
– Visit the Bible School courses available
– Trips and sports

Team: 10 – 15 permanent employees, 2 – 5 short-termers

Churches: German church in Goch, International Baptist Church in Eindhoven, lots of vibrant churches (English and Dutch speaking) in surrounding towns

Challenges: Multicultural experiences, getting in contact with locals is tricky because you are almost only on school grounds.

Particular benefits: Good relationships with students, lots of sports opportunites directly at the school (football, volleyball, table tennis, gym), and beautiful countryside.

Free time: Swimming pool, lake, parks, cycling, adventure parks in Goch (D) and Kevelaer (D), trips out in the towns

Cornerstone Video

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Time commitment

Mininum 6 months

Tasks: Construction & Agriculture
Continent: Europe
Start: Summer 2024
Monthly Costs: ca. 70€
Category: shortterm
Duration Options: min. 1 year min. 6 months

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