Job Description

A family that is serving in south Asia is searching for someone who can help teach their children, preferably for one year (or 6 months at least).

Project: The family has three children at home and you would support the mother with teaching. They live in a big town which is surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Tasks: You can choose from the following subjects to teach: German, math, English, general knowledge, music, arts, sports, French, science and social sciences. The mother will teach the remaining subjects and prepare the teaching materials and plans.

Leisure activities: Contact and community with families and maybe teachers of other organizations is possible. There is a big lake with house-boats nearby, as well as beautifully arranged parks and local markets.

Churches: There is the possibility to visit a local church and join a weekly gathering of foreign Christians.

Challenges: Shopping and trips into the city are only possible for women if they go with someone else. The region is politically instable, so sometimes plans might have to be changed spontaneously and it is not always guaranteed that you can move freely. At the same time foreigners enjoy a special protection as guests and are not targeted by political uprisings.

The climate is similar to Germany but the houses aren’t isolated and heating during winter is difficult. During summer it gets a bit warmer than in Germany.
Women should adapt to the local way of dressing.

Particular benefits: The people are very hospitable, you can enjoy a new culture and delicious food, fun with the children and lots more!

• Prepared to stay 6 months or up to a year
• Preferably to be in possession of a high school leaving certificates or a vocational diploma
• Good English
• Flexibility and sense of responsibility in handling daily tasks

Time commitment

Mininum 6 months

Tasks: Education Kids & Youth Work
Continent: Asia
Monthly Costs: ca. 150€
Category: shortterm
Duration Options: min. 1 year min. 6 months

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