Job Discription

Location: Alberta, Canada. At the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Lakes and mountains and 2 million square meters of forest ─ in the middle of this beautiful landscape lies the camp Frontier Lodge.

Project: Frontier Lodge is a Christian wilderness and adventure camp in the eastern part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They exist to inspire people to Experience and know God’s goodness through transformational outdoor adventures. As a summer and winter camp, they offer multiple outdoor activities like climbing, mountain biking, backpacking and rafting in the summer and also skiing and ice-climbing in the winter.

Tasks: You would mostly help with the practical areas of the camp – site care and maintenance (lawn mowing, construction, snow removal, project help, …), kitchen work, cleaning, etc. As your time and skills progress however, you’ll often get the chance to assist in the programs at a Field Leader level, which consists of assistant leading in the outdoor adventures. You will likely also have the opportunity to help in a program for native american children and youth off camp.

Activities: Climbing, hiking, ice climbing on the onsite ice tower, rappelling, outdoor adventures with all ages in all seasons.

Team: Canadian team with 16 regular members of staff plus seasonal staff members including other short-termers and the explore college students.

Churches: In Alberta there are lots of big and small churches of all denominations. A local church the team often visits is only 5 minutes from the camp.

Challenges: Canadian winter is very cold (-25°C usually), isolation, different culture.

Particular benefits: Access to the mountain environment with training, equipment and friends to adventure with, nature, great community, get to know the locals, lots of sporting opportunities, encouragement to use your own talents, grow through new challenges, Canadian openness and generosity, you can see lots of the country.

Free time: Joint activities with other short-term and full time staff, trips to British Columbia, Edmonton or Calgary, cinema, Rocky Mountains, outdoor activities – hiking, climbing, mountain biking on site, ice climbing at the ice tower, ecc. Frontier gives access to some of our equipment and vehicles for staff use during their time at Frontier such as mountain bikes, climbing gear, canoes for the lake, etc.



Frontier Lodge programs

Time commitment

Mininum 6 months

Tasks: Housekeeping & Maintenance Kids & Youth Work
Continent: America
Country: Canada
Monthly Costs: 0 Euro
Category: shortterm
Duration Options: min. 1 year min. 6 months

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