Job Discription

Tirana, the capital of Albania. This town, with a population of around 500,000, is the cultural, political and economic center of the country.
Project. The WEC team in Albania work together with local churches in three regions of Tirana.
Tasks. According to the arrangement, the work can be very flexible. In this country, a lot of emphasis is given to relationship and friendship, therefore it is impossible to be missional in Albania, without an open heart and sometimes also an open wallet! Hospitality, sincerity, openness, relationships etc should be understood and used! This can happen through musical areas (giving guitar or piano lessons), sport (community football or table tennis games), English or German lessons, youth and children events (Kids-Clubs).
Every short-termer can simply bring in his own giftings. However you would have to mostly find your own role, practically and evangelically.
Activities. According to your abilities, work with computers, supporting devotionals and possibly leading children’s Sunday school.

Team. Short- and long term workers belong to the team
Churches. Local churches in Tirana.

Challenges. The life in a small, international team and the acquisition of a new language. Albania and it’s citizens, who are affected by poverty and lack of purpose, can often challenge you to question and doubt yourself. The road traffic!
Particular benefits. The open and very lovable people, regardless whether they are big or small, the nature, the culture and particularly the good food!
Free time. The free time activities are very diverse. There are hardly any limits to the countryside. Mountains provide opportunity for hiking, jogging, climbing, cycling etc. The sea and the beach are also a luxury. But quiet, still, green spaces offer lots of variety.
Also, you can reach some other surrounding countries like Macedonia and Greece within a tag.
Further details and queries.
Previous volunteers are ready to answer any questions:
Clara Kuithan:

Time commitment

Mininum 3 months

Tätigkeit: Education/Bildung Kids & Youth Work/Arbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen
Einsatzland: Albanien
Kontinent: Europa
Einsatzdauer: 3-12 Monate Kurzzeit bis 2 Jahre
Monatliche Kosten: 425 Euro
Einsatzbeginn: nach Absprache

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