Job Description

Help a Middle East ministry to edit code for a large website of around 500 webpages and an online cinema of around 100 videos. You will work closely with a Christian AI consultant to implement his code and check changes.

The team’s ministry is encouraging Muslims to question Islam and attract them to Jesus, whilst also producing discipleship material for those who already believe. We are using AI to identify each user’s spiritual interest, in order to direct other webpages in the same website to them to peak their spiritual interest, whilst also filtering uninterested Muslims from being overwhelmed with spiritual material.


You should have experience in web programming, and be able to program in Python.
The team uses Slack for communication between eachother and currently also use GitHub and Netlify to edit pages.

You can join the team from anywhere in the world, provided you have fast reliable internet connection.

It is an occupational requirement of any role with WEC International to have a committed evangelical Christian faith, because sharing your faith will be part of that role.

Time commitment

Mininum 2 years

Tasks: IT & Media
Continent: Europe
Country: Weltweit
Category: longterm shortterm
Duration Options: less than 6 months min. 1 year min. 6 months

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