Job Discription

Kiniabour: A small, rural area 70km from the capital city of Dakar. Markets and artisans are within easy reach and there is a beautiful beach 10km away.
Project. The Bourofaye Christian School (BCS) is an international boarding school for children, whose parents are missionaries in the large region of West-Africa. It follows a British teaching plan (Cambridge University) and is aimed at children of 5-17 years old. The teaching is internationally recognised and is transferable to other countries, if the child leaves the school after the 11th school year.
Tasks. Voluntary helpers support the house parents as caregivers in the home: wake the children up, lead a morning devotional, help with homework, take time to talk about everyday problems (pastoral care), prepare meals, lead evening devotionals and put the children to bed. Also, they help the teachers and teach IT, maths, German, music and religious education. On Sundays, they also lead the Sunday school. In addition, they offer free time activities for the children by preparing and leading evening and weekend programs, with games and sports.
Other activities. Devotional/prayer times, exchanges with mentoring groups, French and Wolof language learning at your own initiative, day trips, sport etc.

Team. Around 20 international long-term team members, a temporary teacher and short-term helpers: around 15-20
Churches. Own school-church with Sunday services and house groups, also a local church with 3-5 native people.

Challenges. The BCS is its own culture in the middle of Senegal. It is English-speaking and the workers are all Christian, whilst natives are mostly Muslim and French or Wolof-speaking. There is always something going on, cultural diversity, little free time, constantly in community, very close life together, women and girls should not go out from the premises alone.

Particular benefits. Good internet, community, big, collective family, lots of opportunities for personal development, children, lots of variety, great beach nearby, lots of people and visitors, great weather.
Leisure time. Trips to the beach, National Parks, shopping trips, riding, jet skiing, canoeing, swimming, sports hall and courts on the land, music (piano, guitar, drums etc), swimming pools in remote hotels.
Conditions. Knowledge of English and French.

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Time commitment

Mininum 1 school year

Tätigkeit: Education/Bildung Kids & Youth Work/Arbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen
Einsatzland: Senegal
Kontinent: Afrika
Einsatzdauer: Kurzzeit bis 2 Jahre mindestens 1 Schuljahr
Monatliche Kosten: 264 Euro
Einsatzbeginn: August 2021

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