Job Discription

Gambia is a small and peaceful country in West Africa. It is named after the river which runs through it and which isn’t more than 25km away from any village. WEC is active in Gambia with different projects since 1965. Tanji is only 30km away from the capital Banjul. About 7000 people live in this village of which most are Fishermen. In this village lays the new project “House of Skills” which is a job training center.
Project. In 2015 about one percent of the Gambian population immigrated to Europe searching for a better future. Most of them aren’t educated, don’t have a job training and barley have any possibilities in their own country. Our vision is to offer the young people – especially those from church – a Job and spiritual training. At the moment we are still in the constructing phase of the project and the first trainees are already joining us.
Tasks. For this training center we are looking for people with practical skills, with or without Job training, no matter what age, to train: masons, welder, locksmith, carpenter, construction manager or car mechanics…. This may be for a few weeks, month or years.
We also need social workers and people for the administration.

Other Activities. This depends on your gifts. 7 – 8 trainees are receiving a training in practical jobs. Once per week they are taught in job specific classes and they have a biblical course. Therefore we also want to support and encourage them spiritually. The coworkers in the local communities nearby are also on our heart.
Team. Two Swizz couples, four local men and two to four short termers.
Church. The project is connected to a local church. Because of the close contact to this church you are very soon part of the church life, in which you can also invest yourself

Challenges. Flexibility, patience and creativity are needed! In Gambia thing don’t always work out as planned. Adapting to the new culture can be challenging.
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Marius Wall:

Time commitment

Mininum 6 months

Tätigkeit: Bäcker Berufschullehrer Bürokaufmann Elektriker Maurer Metaller Schreiner
Einsatzland: Gambia
Kontinent: Afrika
Einsatzdauer: 6-24 Monate Kurzzeit bis 2 Jahre
Monatliche Kosten: 377 Euro
Einsatzbeginn: nach Absprache

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