Job Description

The Mission Training Centre (MTC) Worldview lies in the second biggest town in Tasmania, Launceston. The spacious grounds of the college has their own farm space, amongst other things. In the town of 71,000 inhabitants, you can find everything you need within a few minutes’ drive.

Project: Worldview is a WEC Bible School, which prepares people for cross-cultural mission trips. Everyone lives together onsite at Worldview, whether they are workers, students, teachers or volunteers. There is also our own farm and kindergarten.

Tasks: Voluntary helpers work on the land, on the College owned farm. Amongst other things, you will care for the animals (pigs, chickens, and cows), plan the planting of fruits and vegetables and harvest them, repare (for example) broken fences, rooves etc… and sometimes also be involved in building projects.


  • Spend time with people from MTC
  • Communal devotional, prayer, worship
  • Community life
  • Integration in the local churches
  • Evangelical work with students
  • Sport
  • Discover Tasmania and enjoy the countryside
  • Learn about other cultures


  • Long-termers: around 5 intercultural families, teachers or on leadership team.
  • Short-termers: usually 3-5 people

Churches: „Door of Hope“ and lots more…

Challenges: Multicultural, less work at weekends, independence
Particular benefits. Lots of friends, experience God, grow in faith, enjoy nature and the relaxing life of Tasmania.
Free time. Football, basketball, fishing, volleyball, tennis, hiking, singing, have community, music

More information:

Time commitment

Mininum 12 months (1 school year)

Tasks: Construction & Agriculture
Continent: Oceania
Country: Australia
Start: Summer 2024
Monthly Costs: ca. 350€
Category: shortterm
Duration Options: min. 1 year min. 6 months

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