Job Discription

A country in the humid and hot south east of the uprising Asian continent.
The history of the country has brought a lot pain and suffering to the people.
Nowadays, education and healthcare system are well established and the economy is growing. Even though the economy is growing with Asian speed the people are still very open. The demand for English lessons is just as consistent as the joy of meeting someone from the west. Despite all the progress the country has made, conflicts between ethnic groups remain and the people search for purpose in their lives.
Project. The team opened a private language school in 2010. Different courses are being taught there. At the moment English and Korean courses are being primarily offered. Additionally they offer sowing classes and other workshops, e.g. Music, Craft etc. In every course there are about 5 to 10 participants who are between 16 and 25 years old.
The team has contact to some nursery schools in poorer parts of the city and supports them.
There you can help by teaching English and doing creative crafts with them.

Tasks. Short termers can help in the language school by teaching. For the English lessons there is a prepared program, so you don’t have any extra work with preparing. Therefore there is time to get in touch with the local youth, spend time with them and share the personal faith. Short termers are also needed in the creative Workshops, depending on their interests and gifts.
There is also the possibility to participate in ‘Life groups’ (regular discussion groups) and in the children work.
Activities. Learning the local language; getting in touch and doing activities with the local youth; visiting and helping out in a local church
Team. The permanent team mainly consist out of Asians and meets once per week. Every now and then short termers join the team, sometimes just for a few weeks.
Churches. Besides churches, in which only the local language is spoken, there are also international churches in which most people speak English and the sermons are also translated into English.
Challenges. The climate and the language. Every 10 weeks you have to leave the country to renew your visa. That can be draining, but you have good shopping possibilities.
Particular Benefits. Working with a mainly Asian team. During holidays there is the possibility to explore the country which is called to have one of the oldest and unchanged cultures in Asia.
Leisure activities. Sport, Swimming, Soccer, Tennis, Shopping,
drinking coffee …
Former volunteers are willing to answer questions:
Melanie Pfau:

Time commitment

Mininum 6 months

Tätigkeit: Education/Bildung Kids & Youth Work/Arbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen
Einsatzland: Südostasien
Kontinent: Asien
Einsatzdauer: Min 4 Wochen
Monatliche Kosten: 530 Euro
Einsatzbeginn: nach Absprache

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